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What`s your flirting technique?
What type of flirter are you? (Rate Please) ;]

1. How many times have you two actually hugged?
10+, Baby!
2. If you see them with thier friends, you
Go over to them and Start teasing them.
Nothing - I wait for them to come to me, or I wait until they`re alone.
I go over and hug them when they`re not looking.
3. If you see them struggling with thier books, you:
Ask if you can help
Laugh at them and call them a dork, but still take their books.
Scare them and make them drop thier books so that you can pick them up
4. Do others know of your crush?
Only everyone with common sense!
Yeah, I tell my close friends.
Nope. No one knows; but everyone keeps saying "Stop flirting!"
5. When people say "You two should just go out already" you...
...Say "Uh, hell no?" but secretly want that more than anything else.
...Just act like I didn`t hear them
...Blush and tell them to shut up
6. When they`re walking on the other side of the hallway, you:
I go over and talk to them.
I just say hi without stopping.
Just keep walking. I don`t want to make it that obvious that I like them..
7. If they told you that they were afraid of butterflies, you would:
Laugh Hysterically! I don`t care who you are, that`s funny.
I would say "Aww, I`ll protect you"
I would say "Really?" and smile so there was no awkwardness.

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Created on:6/15/2008 9:58:12 PM
Made by:valllx

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