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What`s your favourite colour?
What colour do you like? (e)

1. Do you like candy floss?*
A little?
Love it!
Its mank!
2. You love going on holiday in the sun or getting a tan?
That is my idea of a rest!
Its ok but wouldnt do it over going on a adventure holiday!
Noooo like my homes ways to much!
3. You have green fingers when it comes to gardening?
Yer love it!
No too messy!
4. I love a white christmas?
Love it!
Dont really mind?
No too pretty!
5. Luv waking up to a nice sunrise?
Yer how pretty!
When I wake up I get up!
No way why would I do that?
6. Nice dark nails?
Love em
Dont care what ever colour I pick out first
Dont wear nail varnish whats nail varnish anyway?
7. The christmas tree with coloured lights?
Yes way
No way
8. I luv Lily allen?
Shes o.k!

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Created on:12/19/2007 10:45:49 AM
Made by:19steph93

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