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Whats your favorite Disney movie  quiz. Go into the magic of disney  It will change your day and you will feel HAPPY  Just have fun and enjoy Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Whats your favorite Disney movie?
Go into the magic of disney! It will change your day and you will feel HAPPY! Just have fun and enjoy!

1. Whats your favorite movie?
A. Rio
B. Tangled
C. ToyStory
D. Pirates Of The Caribean
E. The Lion King
F. Alice In Wonder Land
G. Kunfu Panda
H. Princess And The Frog
2. Whats your favorite color?
A. Blue
B. Gold
C. Orange
D. Black
E. Brown
F. Pink
G. Purple
H. Green
3. What do you have?
A. Wings
B. A lot of hair! And i mean a lot!
C. Plastic legs and arms
D. Swords and hat
E. Paws and claws
F. White Dress
G. A big belly and funny personality
H. Magic to turn into a frog
4. Whats your favorite animal?
A. Bird
B. Chamelon
C. Dinosaur
D. Gaint Squid
E. Lion
D. Dragon
E. Panda
F. Frog
5. Where is your home?
A. Rio de janeiro
B. Tower
C. Bed Room
D. Ship
E.African Savvanah
F. Wonder Land
G. China
H. Swamp
6. Whats is your mission in life?
A. Do find your true home and have a family
B. To see the floating lights
C. To make your friend happy
D. To destroy the bad
E. To become king
F. Do get out of your dream and for everything to be normal
G. To fight and become one
H. To find your prince charming no matter what. Even if your a frog
7. Whats your name?
A. Blue
B. Repunsel
C. Woody
D. Johuny Dept
E. Scar
F. Alice
G. Kunfu
H. Tiana
8. How do you fight?
A. Talons
B. Frying Pan
C. Punching
D. Slicing with swords
C. Jaws
D. Kicking
E. Kunfu
F. Slaping

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Created on:9/5/2011 2:12:57 PM
Made by:morla

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