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what`s your fate
a fate is a fate

1. Are you darig
Yes! I want to cliff dive without trainning!!!
I am more like dangerous without death, but still more than a bone risk
Things that end up with broken bones...
anything dangerous with knifes
war wise...
only enough to scare me
only if the worse that happens is I stay calm
Does roller coasters count?
Nope, I just sit on my butt and eat...
How would I know I am awake 5 hours a day...
2. Do you like food
Only things like eatting a granade
I drink acid...
Only ones a break in half using my arm
Only sharp foods
Only scary ones that give me nightmares and daymares!
Only creepy food
regular healthy food....
food they sell at an amusement park
Junk food
Food that doesn`t contain enough sugar to wake me up..
3. How do you think your life will look in 50 years
a blast in heven...
In a wheelchair
with a cast
with cut marks
with PTSD
all nevous and jumpy
same as now
at bush gardens
4. What is the best part of a nature hike
The dangerous cliffs
Tigers and bears
tripping on rocks and vines
walking through thorns
Who knows
all the spiders
the beautiful trees
the zip line that is maybe set up
the food
the tent

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Created on:5/4/2016 5:32:14 PM
Made by:peachrain

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