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Your eyes. Windows to the soul.

1. What is your usual first impression like?
Open and kind. I like having others like me.
Confusing. I can`t usually keep a conversation for very long.
Kurt. I don`t wait around for conversations, they have nothing interesting to say.
Sad. I cant help feeling they only exchange pleasantries to be polite.
Uprupt. I make them understand me and see who I am.
2. Can people describe you easily? Or do you have your own description?
It`s fairly easy to describe me. I like being open to others.
I don`t know. It depends on the describer.
No. I don`t let people know me, they can`t describe me if they have no idea what I am like.
Yeah. But I think most of the descriptions are inacurate.
Nope! I AM my own description.
3. Happy thoughts?
yup! Always!
Maybe, not always I guess.
no. The world must go away and stay away.
not really. people like to decieve so how can I be happy with liers all around me?
Sometimes. I can have all sorta of thoughts! Get off my case! mwhaha
4. What kind of colors are yours?
Open and bright!
I don`t know.
Dark and mysterious.
Sad and shadowy.
All sorts! It changes a lot.
5. What weather do you like?
Sunny and warm!
Chilly and windy.
Wet and cold.
Rainy and breezy.
I like all weather!
6. Rate and comment? Yes! It does!
If I feel like it.
7. Did you like this quiz? Careful, It may or may not count....

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