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What`s your element power?
fire, earth, air, water, space, or magic; what's your power?

1. Someone`s bullying your friends. do you...?
shout your head off at them and most likely slap them
try to reason with them
only interfere if it gets too bad
stand up to the bully but soon back down and join your other friends for a laugh
avoid the situation completely and find some one else to hang out until it`s all blown over
what bully? there`s a bully?
2. you buy some clothing take it home and find out it`s damaged do you..?
take it back and demand to see the manager to get some discounts
fix it your self or give it to charity
wear it antyway it`s not that bad
go moody and complain to every one but don`t take it back
naver mind it wasn`t that expensive i might give it away
what rip? i don`t see a rip
3. what`s your favourite colour
red or electric blue
green or brown
pastel colours or pink
blues or aqua
black or purple
hmm..what were you saying oh err does the colour of magic count
the colours of the rainbow
4. there`s a fire at school someone`s trapped. inside do you..?
shove whoever started the fire in there with them
i started the god dam fire
help the fire men put out the fire
worry and hope they survive and there`s no one else in there
conjure up some water to put out the fire (ahem)
miss school that day
oh my gosh this is soo exiting
rescue them and put your own life in danger
if you go for option 8 your a bit stupid cus the fire men are there you know
5. you find yourself in hospital and the doctors say your going to die soon. do you
yell at the docors to cure you so you can kill whoever did this to you first
well my time has come please just let me die peacefully
what i`m gonna die this is the worst thing that`s happened to me(well obviously, i`ve never died b4)
no i`m just fine i`ll go home now thankyou
if you let me go home i have a remedy somewhere
6. if you had to kill yourself how would you do it?
i`d stab everyone i hate(i.e know) before stabbing myself in the painless way possible
i would die in the way that would preserve my organ in the best way so i could donate them
i`d leave a note to say why i did it to explain to the people i love
kill myself why the hell would i do that?
i`d do ritual to send my soul to some dimension
drown myself

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