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Your Death Note love story part one quiz. A love story based on Beyond Birthday from Death Note  If anyone wants  I can make one for any other characters Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Your Death Note love story part one
A love story based on Beyond Birthday from Death Note. If anyone wants, I can make one for any other characters.

1. To start things off, I will introducing the characters. This is you.( Not all of the pictures of you will be of the same girl but are similar.)
Im ugly!!!!
yay! Im Pretty!
2. This is Beyond Birthday. ( Yes he is sitting in a bathtub covered in blood. He IS a serial killer after all.)
3. You were sitting in your usual spot in your room. it was a typical saturday night. Your mother was sitting downstairs watching tv waiting for your father to get home. Your father was out to bars getting drunk and most likely cheating on your mom.
( Sorry. Just setting up the story.)
That sucks
4. Normally, when your father drinks, he stays at a motel. He was an angry drunk. You were always dreading Saturdays. You had built up a natural fear of them ever since your father started beating you when he was drunk.
5. You looked at the clock. It was midnight on the dot. Downstairs, you heard the familiar rumble of your fathers truck as it pulled in to the driveway.
*hides under bed*
*stays were you are*
*gets cell phone in case of emergency*
6. As you feared, he was as drunk as h*ll. You heard your mother rush to the door to be his slave once again.
*thinking* [run mom!]
*thinking*[If you are dumb enough to go near him, it`s your fault if he kills you.]
*holds cell phone tightly in case.*
7. You decide to lie down in complete silence and listen carefully to what was happening downstairs. What was the worst he could do? Hit us a few times, puke, and go to bed. Big deal.
(the girl above is you is a child, btw.)
*you*: idiot.
You: Hide!!
8. Sorry! This is the end of part one. Part two coming soon. Please comment. I run on them. If you have suggestions, please post them or pm me.
Yaay! Part two!
This sucks. Im outta here.( Me: WELL! >:P )

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