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Anime romance, Girls only!
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1. You are happy as her, right?
Of course!
She`s ok.......
Sorry don`t want her. (Too bad)
2. You wake up and get dressed, then a mysterious guy is hanging round your house!
Get out you wimp!!!!!!!
Hmmm...he looks hot.......
OMG!!!!!! *Faints*
3. He says, "Hello, I am Peter. Our parents have planned an arranged marriage for us. I wanted to meet you in person."
ARRANGED MARRIAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, he is kind of sexy.......
4. He takes your hand and walks you out of the house into the park where there are lots of trees.
OMG! He is so HOT!
I wonder where we`re going......
I`m hungry! I want some food! (LOL)
5. You both lie down and stare into each others eyes, next thing you know, your both kissing and his hands have taken your shirt off!
Touch me here! Touch me here!
What a wimp! You call THAT kissing?
6. He tenderly embraces you and then you relax in his arms, utterly content.....
I`m seeing stars! And love hearts!
OMG! I want you Peter! Like WANT WANT!
7. You drift off and wake up in his arms, exept he is carrying you home, he says, "That was the most wonderful moment of my life!"
If that was the best and we didn`t even do `it` I wonder how it would feel if we did!
Ooohhh, his neck has a smell that gets me fired up.....
How dare you! GET AWAY FROM ME VANDAL! *Slaps him in the face*
8. You wake up and bounce out of bed, when your ready to go to school, you realize that it`s the school holidays!
woo hoo! I can spend more time with peter!
Meh. Least I don`t have to go to school.
9. You go back home and see Peter sitting on your bed, (Lucky your parents are on a business trip and won`t be back for the next year) and he is looking at you with desire showing in his eyes....
Oh my god!
Well, we`re alone, there`s a bed, do you think he`s up for the challenge?
Oh well. I can survive with him right?
10. You sit next to Peter and he loses it, he kisses you, (You would have done it if he didn`t) and takes it up a notch!
OMG he`s taking my clothes off! WOO HOO! Jackpot!
Wow. YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!
Ok, let`s do this, bring it on!
11. Next thing you know, you`re lying in the bed in his arms. (Nude!) he smiles an impish grin that stops your heart for a moment!
*Sigh* that was so magical.......
12. Okay, wait for part two it`s gonna get better! Peter reaveals his secret past.
OMG! Make it now!

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Created on:4/29/2009 1:09:08 AM
Made by:Glitter121

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