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How would your date with Neji go?
Neji asks you out.. what next?

1. Neji asks you out. What do you answer him?
Go away you noob!
OMG! Really? Sure!
2. Neji: I actually want to show you something... Its over there. ( He point out to a forest)
You follow him, looking out.
Are you sure its safe out there?
3. After a while you arrive. The place is beautyfull. You dreamed about it yesterday and you find it weird. You say:
Wow. This place is beautyfull.
Hmm. Weird. I dreamed about it last night!
I`m outta here. ( you wait outside)
4. Neji: So.. How do you like it? ( answer " Im not here if you choosed the last answer that you stay outside)
I`m not here.
I love it!
It`s... yea... ok.
5. You sit at a side of a lake. Neji looks in your eyes. You look in his. You 2 are a second from kissing and then.. Sasuke interrupts you.
OMG SASUKE! I LOVE YOU! ( Sasuke: Really? Neji: Really? Well.. (punches you and sasuke) )
You fall aside and cover your eyes.
OMG! SASUKE.. you look so scary..AAA!
You satnd in front of Neji - ready to fight for him.
You satnd aside of Neji to fight with him.
6. After 20 minutes fighting, Sasuke looks at you and says: COme on ! You dont want to stay with this loser, do you? Neji: wHo do you call a loser? You: _____
Jump on Sasukes side and stick your tounge out to Neji.
Shout: Never!
Shout: Go away you idiot!
Stay calm on Neji`s side.
7. Now, Neji wants to know your personality and something about you. What`s your faverute color?
Pink! ( like the stylish girl things )
Black like the night sky.
Green like the forest.
Red like Sunset.
Blue like water.
White like light.
Brown like tree`s bark.
Yellow like a flower.
Purple like Magic Sparkles.
Other color of the rainbow.
8. What`s your faverute Animal?
Brave Lion.
Cute Mouse.
Loyal Dog.
Mysterious Cat.
Funny Monkey!
Fast Horse.
Some other perfect Animal.
9. What books do you read?
I like reading funny books like Barry Twotter.
I like reading books people know about like The Holy Bible.
I like reading good books like Tom Sawyer.
I like reading books i wrote.
10. Where do you live?
Leaf Villege.
Sand Villege.
Mist Villege.
Waterfall Villege. ( Where`s that?)
Chocolate Villige. (ok....XD)
11. Who`s your best friend?
Sakura... She`s realyl smart isin`t she?
Temari. ( she can be scary thought)
Kiba ( a loyal friend XDXDXD)
Shikamaru (he`s so, so intelligent!)
Naruto ( i like funny)
I guess.. you, Neji.
I don`t think i have a best friend. I got lots to chosoe from.
12. What time do you go to sleep? ( so random isint it )
about 7:30pm (WTF?)
about 10pm. ( how.. old..
12am (sure)
9am (LOL!!!)
i dont sleep much.
13. I still guess its time you have to go. Bye!
Bye! I loved this quiz!
See ya!

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Created on:7/26/2009 8:31:13 AM
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