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Your dark side
what is it (e)

1. You have never had a week so bad I mean grounded,bad grades, got dumped,ect. what do you do
Go to my room and mull things over
cause trouble
I`d tell you but then i`d have to kill you as well
cry for maby 1 min.
2. You really want to go to this concert you`d kill someone to go. But your parents say you cant you...
there the only thing standing in my way
sneak out
lock your door and not see humanity for a long time
be mad for a while then i`m over it
3. your favorit color is...
black or red
4. when your depressed you always were black
I were it weather i`m mad or not its my styal
maby it brings out my mood

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Created on:6/16/2007 1:12:07 AM
Made by:blackpunk

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