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What`s Your Color Mood?
Just answer!

1. Which of these words, would your friend`s describe as?
Sweet and kind
Happy and active
Romantic, yet dangerous
Creative (Artistic)
Nature freak
2. Which weather, do you like/or feel the most comfortable with?
Normal Temperature
Light Mist or Fog
Thunder and Lighting!
I don`t mind whatever there is!
3. If there is a sick person and you HAVE TO give him/her something....what you give?
A Get Well Card!
Flowers and a card
Anything the kid needs!!
Box of Chocolates!
My humor :D
Toys and whatever kids like!
4. My best day of my life would be...........
Going to an amusement park!
Going to the mall and movies with friends!
Getting to Skydive!
Meeting my favorite rock band and playing with them!
Visiting the most famous muesums
Visiting the whole world!
All of the above!
5. What is your favorite genre?
All kinds!
Mostly Pop
Dance and Hip-hop music
Soft rock
6. Animals are________
The Best man!!!
Are made for eating!
Animals are nice-I don`t have anything againest them!
Innocent creatures
7. If you were at the movies, what title might interest you the most? (Made-up movies)
Clown downtown
Love Story 2050
The Killer!
Life of Shakespeare
Puppy Come Back
The Mask Stranger....
None of these/All of the above!
8. Will the outcome affect how you like this quiz?
It might!
Not at all!

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Created on:10/17/2008 7:04:37 PM
Made by:Prettygurl

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