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What s Your Coffee Drink  quiz. Your personality is craving caffeine  and this coffee quiz is here to help  Answer a few questions  and I ll serve up a freshly poured cup of you  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What`s Your Coffee Drink?
Your personality is craving caffeine, and this coffee quiz is here to help. Answer a few questions, and I'll serve up a freshly-poured cup of you.

1. What`s your preferred coffee-drinking location?
A friend`s house
My desk
An outdoor patio
A table with a tablecloth and a vase of fresh flowers
2. You walk into a local coffee place, and for once, there are lots of seats available. You`ll plant your butt on:
A tall stool at the counter (in case I need a refill -- fast)
A chair that screams, "Sit right here!!"
An antique-looking velvet chair
A cozy armchair
3. While ordering a to-go coffee, you notice there`s a tip jar on the counter with a little sign that says, "If you fear change, leave it here." You:
Drop some of my change in there. It`s a cute sign, but I might need change later.
Put $1 in the jar. Tipping is classy.
Drop my change in there. It`s a cute sign.
Only tip if I feel like tipping.
4. What are you usually thinking about while you`re drinking coffee?
The best way to solve a problem in my life
The random stuff I have to remember to do today
My awesome friends
A vacation I`d like to take in the future
5. If you could drink coffee out of any of these, which one would you pick?
A mug that changes color at different temperatures
A mug that says "When`s Friday?" and has a drawing of a cat with a big pile of papers on his desk
A mug that`s the same color as what I`m wearing
A stainless steel travel mug with a no-spill lid
6. If there`s no coffee around, which of these things might you try?
Tap water
A caffeinated soda
Wait! Why is there no coffee around? WHO LET THIS HAPPEN?
Having coffee delivered
7. Will you rate and comment?(No effect on quiz)
No :(

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Created on:11/16/2009 9:41:11 PM
Made by:quiz199712

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