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What`s your best feature? (No Obvious Questions or Answers)
I'm backkk :].. Please Rate and take my other quizzes!

1. Say your best friend "likes you" the way you don`t. They ask you out. You:
Change the subject
Just let them ask you out. It`s worth a try..
Say "Umm.. I think we should just stay friends.." and then avoid them
Simply tell them no.
2. One word to describe this school year.
3. What`s the best shade of blue?
Electric Blue
Baby Blue
4. You receive a Chain-Letter in the mail (Send this to 15 people in 10 minutes..). Your first reflex:
Send it and see what happens.
Change the Chain letter completely and then send it.
Delete it.
Try to see if I even have enough E-mails to send it.
5. What do you think of the song "Barbie Girl" by Aqua?
Everyone thinks they`re funny when they sing it. They`re not.
It`s easy to make fun of.
It`s crazy sexy.
The worst song ever.
6. What matters most?
7. Someone wants to add you on Myspace - you don`t know them but they`re really hot. You:
Don`t care - only my friends make my list.
Add them and see why they added me.
They`re hot - why not?
I just add them. One more friend!

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