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Your akatsuki story    for girls only  quiz. Hey guys this is number    I ll try to makes this interesting  but if you don t like it please give helpful comments  so I can make them better  Well anyway hope you enjoy   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Your akatsuki story 2 (for girls only)
Hey guys this is number 2! I'll try to makes this interesting, but if you don't like it please give helpful comments, so I can make them better. Well anyway hope you enjoy!!!

1. OK we left off where leader-sama wanted to talk to you alone right?
yep . . . let`s go I`m ready
yeah that`s it now come on i want to know what happens next!!!!!
yes that is where we left off
. . . . yes . . . Me: oh boy the quiet one is back.
2. "What do you want with me!? Why am I here!?" He says nothing and again you ask him why you are there and again he says nothing.
I thought he wanted to talk not just stand there.
two can play at that game *stares* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . .
3. he finally answers. "your here because I`ve been observing you and I believe that you are a skilled fighter. Yes, you will need some work but everybody does." you stare at him for a moment and then say "but what if I don`t want to join?"
yeah like I need to work on my skills. my skills rock!!
. . . ok . . .
ok so when do I pick my team?
4. " You do not have a choice, your joining wheather you want to or not!" " ok fineI`ll join" "Good now What are you best at? ( this will lead to who your teammate is)
puppets ( sasori will be your teammate)
Blowing up stuff (deidara is your teammate)
There are tomany things that I`m good at. (kisame is your teammate)
. . . fighting? IDK!! (itachi is your teammate)
5. ok your teammate is ( whoever I said on the answers to the last question)
cool I got sasori
cool I got deidara!
cool I got kisame
cool I got itachi
6. he calls your teammate in and you both say hello to each other. "now I want you both to get back to your rooms and get a good nights sleep. we`re all getting up early because i have a big mission for us all."
ok but where is my room?
I need to know where my room is.
. . . . where`s my room?
7. " oh yes well you can sleep in the same room as konan."
Konan? but i hate konan . . . Me: Quit complaining
. . . . . . ok . . . .
Yay I like konan she`s cool.
8. "ok" Leader-sama gives you your uniform and you walk to your room. konan welcomes you and leaves so you can get changed. You slept peacefully that night, but only to be awakened by konan for the mission.
ooh I wonder what the mission is.
I hope I can handle this mission.
I hope my teammate works well with me.
9. you both run outside where everyone waiting and you meet up with your teammate. Leader-sama says that the leaf village is supposeibly planning to ambush you and tells you to split up and spy on the village and see if you can find out anything. But
but what?
stupid boxes should let you type more. Me: i agree
10. but he tells you and your teammate to spy on the sand village sense the leaf village and the sand village has a close alliance and they could easily help the leaf village with this plan.
hmm isnt that where garra is?
I hope i get to fight on this mission.
11. When you get to the sand village gaara has already seen you coming and is ready to fight.
Alright gaara let`s fight.
I`m gald i have someone to help me fight.
12. you beat gaara and learn that the sand village was going to help the leaf village and they were going to blow you guys up. you and your teammate quickly took the information to leader-sama.
what ever.
13. ok that`s all for now! sorry guys I know this quiz was boring. and please comment telling me how I could do better!!!!!! thanks!
ok I`ll comment
no comment
bye bye

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