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Your akatsuki Story  for girls only     quiz. How will you do in the akatsuki  Sorry if this quiz is bad this is my first quiz   give some ideas in comments to help me make my quizzes better  Thanks For your support    Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Your akatsuki Story (for girls only!!!)
How will you do in the akatsuki? Sorry if this quiz is bad this is my first quiz!! give some ideas in comments to help me make my quizzes better. Thanks For your support!!!!

1. Ok your a girl named Amera (am-er-a)
I`m a guy!!!! Me: then why are you taking this quiz?
EWWW i don`t like that name!!! Me: .... to bad
.... ok Me: you don`t like to talk much do you? You: no
2. ok you ready this is where your story begins.
I`ve been ready come on let`s go let`s go I don`t have all day. Me: ok pushy much?!
. . . whatever . . .
I`m ready when you are
3. You were a little girl when your parents were killed and you learned how to take care of yourself and you didn`t need anybody.
wow my life stinks but cool at the same time.
next . . .
4. one day when you were eighteen years old you were walking in the woods and someone came up behind you. you quickly charged up a chidori ready to attack and defend yourself but when you turned around that person stopped the chidori and . . .
Tell me tell me!!!!! Me: calm down just keep going.
ooh a chidori eh? I like where this story is going
OMG I`m scared . . . Me; you don`t even know what`s going to happen yet.
5. He quickly used a counter attack and knocked you on the ground. he didn`t finish you though he helped you back up and you finally got a good look at him.
OOH who is he!!!!!??? Me: keep reading and find out.
what ever . . .
is he cool? Me: keep reading and you decide.
6. It was itachi uchiha. " what`s your name if I may ask?" he asked. " My name is amera. why do you want to know?"
. . . itachi`s cool
. . . What ever . . . Me: wow your not very excited
. . . itachi? eww I hate him . . .
7. He thinks " so this is who he`s looking for? she seems weak though." "I need you to come with me. NOW" he says in a stern voice.
I don`t want too your weird!!
. . . whatever . . .
Ok just don`t hurt me.
8. you decide to go with him. he takes you to the akatsuki hideout and takes you to leader-sama.
ooh so cool.
this ought to be good.
whatever. Me: does anything excite you?
9. "leader-sama I have brought you amera the girl you asked for. but are you sure you want her? she seems to weak." "yes she is the one I want." " whatever you say leader-sama"
I AM NOT WEAK!!!!! Me: calm down
. . . . . .
10. "itachi please leave I wish to speak with her alone for a momment." "yes leader-sama"
11. Sorry guys I have to stop it there it`s late and I`m tired I`ll do some more of te story tomorrow. ttyl bye for now!!!!! please comment and rate!!!!!!
rate but no comment
comment but no rate
depends on what i get

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