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Your Akatsuki story part 4!
....Have fun. :-P

1. Hidan: *Breaks free* Pein: That is enough. Hidan: I didn`t even break a sweat. *sits next to you* You:
*glare* Creep.
Smack Hidan
What the heck was that?! *glares at Hidan*
2. Pein: Take a break everyone. *everyone leaves* *you go sit in a tree where Diedera and Sasori are talking below* Diedera: I heard Pein say that we were fighting next. Sasori: Yeah. Diedera: Why are we fighting, anyway?
*Didn`t Pein answer that.......*
*keeps watching sunset*
3. Sasori: Were are showing _______ how powerful we are. Diedera: She is interesting... Sasori: And kinda cute... Diedera:....
Good to know im cute*jumps down from tree*
*jumps down from tree* Hey guys. Whens dinner?
4. Diedera and Sasori:........ Pein: Time for dinner! You:
Are you guys coming?
* goes to kitchen without looking back* § Finally, food! §
5. *at dinner* Tobi: Tobi likes dinner. Who cooked dinner? Konon: I did. Zetsu: Its not raw enough.... Konon: Shut up and eat. Itachi: Some ones moody. Kakuzu: All of you SHUT UP! You:
*To sasori* Are they always like this?
6. *after dinner, you go sit in a tree to watch the full moon* You see every detail of the moon.
* To yourself* The moon is so beautiful tonight.
Looks like a harvest moon is coming...
7. Hey guys. For part five, leave comment stating your favorite guy. The most common one will be used.
Yay love interest time!
Don`t forget the comment!
I need them for part five! It will be the best one yet ;)

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Created on:8/12/2009 2:09:50 AM
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