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Your Akatsuki story part 2!
Yeah... I made a part 2. Enjoy. :-P

1. Pain:*Ahem* You are here to join the Akatsuki. WE have monitered your movements and already know you are worthy to join.
Really?! *eyesparkle*
2. Pein: I will assign you a partner. *hmmmmm* I got it! Since only one other person doesn`t have a partner, you will work with Hid...
Don`t you DARE say it!
*Eagerly waits*
Can`t I work by myself?
3. You blab on about your concerns or whatever. You eventually lose.
Fine. >:-(
4. Pein: Your living arrangements have been made. Tobi has gotten your things and put them in your room. §Pick a room§
East side. Medium. Roomate: Diedera.
West side. Medium. Roomate: Sasori.
South side. Large. Roomate: Hidan.
North side. Very large. Roomates: Tobi and Itachi.
5. You pick your room. Sasori walks up to you. If you have any questions or problems*blushes* just come see me. Soo do you have any plans this wee... Tobi: Hiiii! Im Tobi! Sasori: She already knows that! Tobi: *Sob* Sasori:......
Don`t cry Tobi. Want a lollipop? *Hands lollipop*
For your information, I didn`t know his name! >:O
*Hugs Tobi* *glares at Sasori*
6. Sasori:Sorry... Tobi: Tobi forgives.. Diedera: Pein wants you guys to shut up and go to bed.
*Goes to bed* Night guys.
YOU shut up! :P
*Hugs Tobi* *glares at Sasori* Be good.
7. Sorry. Gotta leave ya hangin on a thread. ;p Comment for part 3
Part 3

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