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Your akatsuki story part 1
Sorry but the answers aren't 100% your choice. Good luck!

1. You are laying on your towel at the beach. *whistle* Sasuke whistles at you. What do you do?
Hit him
Beat him up
2. You decide to let him live,he was whistling at you. As you are leaving the beach, you hear a yell. You see Hidan beating sasuke to death. What do you do?
Tell Hidan to "Stop!"
Join Hidan.
Smack Hidan.
3. You decide to smack him, yell at him, and for fun, kick Sasuke. Iidan glares at you and then he just stares at you. You:
Smack Hidan.
"What the hell are you staring at?"
4. " What is your name?"
"None of your bussiness!"
___________. Why?
___... ___.... ____. You stammer.
5. " My name is Hidan. I am a member of the Akatsuki. Our leader has been trying to track you down." What do you do?
" W...wh...why me?"
Why should I?!
6. He grabs your hand and starts to pull you along to the Akatsuki hide-out. You:
" Where are you taking me?"
"What are you doing?!"
7. "We are going to the hide-out. Pein wants to meet you."
Pull away
8. *walks in hide-out* "PEIN!"
9. *Pein walks in in a towel* "What the Ummm... who is this? It`s _______ Pein. And don`t look now but... *looks down*
10. "Damn it." *leaves and comes back in robe* *Ahem* Hello I am the leader they are...*points* Sasori, Zetsu, Diedera, Kakuzu, *Blabs on* and Im sure you`ve met Hidan." You:
As if. *Snort*
11. Hidan:Yep. Sasori: Hi*blushes* Diedera: Stares a wierd awkward stare. Kakuzu: Just looks, says hi, and leaves.
Say hi to everyone.
12. Sorry but I am cutting the quiz off here. If you want part 2, say it in a comment. May be continued...

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