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Your Akatsuki story part 3!
Im not sure about part 4.

1. Pein: All of you shut up!!! Diedera:... I warned you.
*Flips diedera off*
*walks to bedroom* *To Pein and Diedera* Bite me.
*already in bed*
2. *The next day* Pein: _______ wake up. You are on breakfast duty. § What do you make?
Eggs and bacon
You can`t cook...
Cereal and oatmeal
3. Pein:.... What is it?.. Deidera: I think i saw it move! Tobi:*adds chocolate* Yummy! Everyone ecxept Sasori: Are you SERIOUS?! Tobi:...Yeah.... Sasori: It is not that bad....
Im gonna kill em`.
I told you I can`t cook...
4. *after breakfast* Sasori:.... We are having combat practice in 10 minutes. Pein wants you to get an idea of what our strengths are...*Blushes* *walks away*
This oughtta be good *sarcasm*
Why not.
Im better than they are. Why not show off?
5. *at practice* Pein: Lets start with Kakuzu and Hidan. Kakuzu: Your going down church boy! Hidan: CHURCH BOY?! You are going down! You:
Put your money where your mouth is and FIGHT!
Here we go... *sigh*
6. *Fight starts* Kakuzu: make a move church boy! Hidan: *behind Kakuzu* Already did! Kakuzu: What the?! Hidan: *grabs scithe and cuts off Kakuzus arm* Kakuzu: Is that all you got? *reataches arm* Hidan:......... Kakuzu: *Grabs Hidan with black thread*
This is getting good*eats popcorn*
§ When can I fight? §
7. Hidan: *winks at you*
§ Gonna kill him §
8. Plz comment for part 4. Things are gonna heat up! ;-)
§ Still gonna kill him §

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