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your rose color
what is your rose colors

1. your favorite color is...
i don`t know....
all colors
life is to short to worry about colors
2. your friend is crying, you...
leave her alone to sort her self out and let her feel better
try to calm her down
cheer her up by telling joke and make her laugh
cry too
talk to her
3. your friend tells you her biggest secret, you...
keep it in your head and never speak of it
go tell all you other friends
forget it
4. you see life as...
lots of fun
5. you see yourself as...
shy and soft spoken
sad and you sometimes think life is pointless
calm and understanding
sweet and bubbly
emotional and sensitive
simple and you are always there for your friends
very shy and withdrawn
kind, pure and every one loves you for you
fun and full of life
every thing it changes every day
6. your friends see you as ... ( it`s easier with a friend)
wierd but fun
very emotionally stable
very easy to anger
a hidden beauty
a traveler
inner beauty
some times a loner
7. pick a phrase.
live your life the way want, and never look back!
happiness is a candle in the darkness and can be see
you life and all you joy and misery is just god toy
i`ll be your true friend till i die!
your my best friend and i can`t live without you
i`m here, i`m gone, now i`m back
i will say your name with my dying breath
as my friend we shall travel the world, no walls to big for us to concur!
can you see my desire to stay your friend, but leave me if you must, for you do not belong to me...
your my best friend and i love you!

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Created on:9/14/2008 3:38:29 PM
Made by:night_demon

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