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What are you, really, I know who you are, or do I?
Rate? Comment? Either will do. So what did you get?

1. What`s your favourite place to be?
Up, in the sky, as high as I can get.
Deep underground, as low as I can go.
Anywhere on Earth, or possibly space, lol.
In a castle, muahahaha.
Under the sea, "Breaks into song"
In an old abandoned house, creepy.
2. What would you like to have/do?
Have a Halo, and fly, "Wheeee"
Have a spiked pointy tail, a pitchfork, and horns, muhahaha.
The best clothes and food in the world, yum :)
Blood, lots and lots of blood.
Fish, water, cute humans, what else is there?
I would like to be alive, muahahaha.
3. Are you Good or Evil?
Good :)
Evil :(
Good and Evil :( :)
4. What`s your favourite colour?
White :)
Red :)
Blue :)
Orange :)
Black :)
Yellow :)
Rainbow :)
Other :)
5. Hot or Cold?
Doesn`t matter
Cold, "Brrr"
6. What is your idea of fun?
Flying about in the sky :)
Torturing people, muhahaha :)
Playing games, and eating food.
Drinking, drinking blood that is.
Swimming, "Ahh so relaxing"
Scarying people "BOO!!", heeheehee.
7. Do you like me?
Yes, my friend :)
No, I hate you :P
Maybe, I don`t know you...
I like you blood, O positive right?
I like the sea, not you.
I like to scare you. muhahaha.
8. Would you kill me?
Maybe..You did make me die in your other quizzes, so i`m pretty mad.
No, of course not.
No, but I will scare you.
Yes, bwahahahaha.
9. Do you believe in mythological creatures?
Yes, I am one.
No, but I believe in God.

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Created on:7/28/2008 2:29:05 PM
Made by:mimzy13

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