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The YOU Quiz
It's about you. (e)

1. Your friend took something of yours & lost it.. how do you react?
(GASP) That Bitch!! I would of never taken their things & lost it...
Well, I`m sure they didn`t mean to lose it.. although they SHOULD of asked.
Oh well, I`ll just go on a shopping spree or somethin!!
(sigh) Why can`t they lose their own things?
2. You have a weekend all to yourself.. hmm.. what to do...
Alright let`s go relax in my pool, NO, hot tub!
What about the movies? & don`t talk during it, okay? I cant stand that!!
YAY!! I can go wherever I want?.... YAAAYY!!
Well, we could go to the mall, but it`ll probably be really crowded..
3. You`re going to a dance (sorta casual), what do you wear?
Jeans and the coolest shirt I have. oh, & some sunglasses.. yeeeaaa.
My blue outfit..NO, my red, no my brown.. I CAN`T DECIDE.
Umm... somethin that isn`t what anyone else is gonna wear. I don`t wanna look the same.
Uh, somethin fancy & casual at the same time.. oh but what if it`s too fancy?...
4. Ok, finally, the easy one. Pick a color...
Blue or Purple..
Red or Orange..
Green Or Yellow..
I like them all..

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Created on:8/9/2007 11:55:51 AM
Made by:bellabrizzle

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