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What are you?
What are you?

1. A crook is taking a old womans bag! What shall you do?
Burst in there like the magical creature you are and save the purse and the old chick.
Think carefully about a strategy and HOOWAH.
Go in as brave as you can.
2. Hold out your hand. Your friend hands you something. What is it? What does it feel like?
Small. Slithery. Scaly... AHHHH ITS A SNAKE BRO GET IT BACK!
Smooth. Yet, has cuts. A jewel?
Powdery. Smells nice. Sugar! OM NOM NOM
Big. Leathery. Its a book.
3. Do you like social media?
Absolutely not! It is most of the time vulgar and idiotic.
Sometimes. It can get in the way though.
4. What are you most likely doing on a friday night?
Video Games!

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Created on:8/6/2014 10:07:11 AM
Made by:FluffyKura

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