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You know GBitez   or do you  quiz. Gorillaz used to make little videos called  quot gBitez quot   each about two minutes long  This quiz shouldn t be too hard  there were only  like  five of them  You just need to pay attention  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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You know GBitez...or do you?
Gorillaz used to make little videos called "gBitez", each about two minutes long. This quiz shouldn't be too hard; there were only, like, five of them. You just need to pay attention.

1. Easy one to start...what`s the G stand for?
I don`t know...(Invader Zim reference, yeah boi!)
2. Which of these is NOT a gBitez title?
Game of Death
Dirty Harry
Our Toys Have Arrived!
Fancy Dress
The Eel
3. What is the last spoken line in "Jump the Gut"?
"I win!"
"Yes, I made it!"
"Nuts, I missed!"
"Ya dig?"
"Oh, poop."
4. Why does Murdoc yell at 2D in "The Eel"?
2D put an eel in his bed
Murdoc was trying to sleep, and 2D was making banging noises
2D was asking too many questions
Murdoc wan`t in The Eel...
2D tried and failed to jump over Murdoc when he was sleeping
5. What excuses do Murdoc make in "Game of Death" for not winning?
First that his character is `rubbish`, then that his controller broke
First that his controller broke, then that 2D was cheating
First that his controller broke, then that his character was `rubbish`
First that someone was standing in front of the TV, then that the game was rigged
First that 2D cheated, then that there was glare on the TV
6. Who bets on 2D`s ability to "Jump the Gut"?
Russel and Del
Del and Noodle
Noodle and Russel
2D and Murdoc
No one, it was just for fun
7. What is 2D`s complaint about his action figure?
"My head does not wobble like that!"
"I`m not THAT skinny!"
"They never get my nose right!"
"I look like a girl!"
"Why am I so happy-lookin`?"
8. In "Fancy Dress", who was Russel dressed as?
Dorothy from Wizard of Oz
Michael Jackson
A mummy
Clint Eastwood
Charlie Chaplin
9. Which band member has yet to appear in a gBitez?
None of these
10. True or false: one of the gBitez takes place on the floating windmill.

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