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The "You are an idiot" quiz.
Is there anything more to say? ( Made for fun... ) :) enjoy!

1. If 2+2=4 why do people constantly try to prove it wrong??
Couse they got nothing better to do.
Couse the teacher said so. (idiot -.- )
Couse it`s in our nature to be curious.
Couse it`s peanut butter jelly time!!!
couse if someone says so ,there always has to be someone that`s gonna say the oposite just for fun.
Because not everything has to be logical... The world isn`t black and white.
2. Do you belive that 2012 is really going to be the last year for human kind?
Who cares.
wtf ?
2012 was made up by a bunch of crazy people that got high on weed ...
3. What do you think that the meaning of life is?
Life is but a test that carves our destiny after death.
Life is death. (
Life is whatever you want it to be...
Life is a punishment. ( again lol...)
Life is beautiful, it`s designed to prepare you for the afterlife, to make you stronger.
I don`t care...
4. I hope it was fun enough... :)) DON"T RATE , DON"T COMMENT! ( reverse psychology ) :))

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Created on:6/20/2011 4:52:24 PM
Made by:Redalert

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