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yin or yang
are you a yin or a yang?

1. if your best friend is cring you...
help him/her out
let him/her deal with it it`s their problem not mine
nothing, my pet just died I`m the one who needs help
2. you see a quiz by your enemy you...
rate it poorly, hey it`s you enemy
rate it high, mabey they`ll be your friend
rate it poorly, they laughed at you last week
rate it how you feel, if really you liked it or not
3. in a play, some one gets the part you wanted SO badly, you would...
congratulate them on a job well done
break their leg and get their part
go cry for an hour
4. you best friends first pet dog just died, you would...
comfort them
cry too
5. you saw a $20 fall on the ground from a guys pocket so you...
give to him
run away with it
leave it alone
6. if you could sacrifice you life for your best friends, would you?
mabey, if they were nice to me this week
7. if your best friend wanted to see a sold out play SO badly and you had ONE ticket to it, you would...
keep it, it`s mine
give it to them, they want to see it SO bad
rip it up, now none of you can go
8. if your friend paid for lottery tickets and you pick the number, and you won woul you share?
no! my numbers, my money!
yes, they paid for it, they get half
mabey, if they are my slave for a week!

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Created on:9/13/2008 2:02:15 AM
Made by:night_demon

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