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Yea, so... got my heart broke again.....

1. Well `broken` really doesn`t describe it fully... more like `crushed into pieces, glued back together, and run over with a lawn mower`.
Oh wow.
I`m sorry.
I can`t believe somebody would do that to you.
2. So this isn`t the first time this has happened, as you could probably gather from the `again` in the title.
Yes, that was pretty obvious.
I`m sorry
3. So, I`ve desided that there isn`t a guy out there who doesn`t find pleasure in my pain, and joy in my tears.
Yea, there is.
I can prove there is. I`m right here.
I`m sorry.
4. And who isn`t in love with my best friends and just using me to get to them.
Yea, that sucks
I`m sorry.
I don`t care.
5. So yea, if you can prove me wrong, tell me so.
Ok, I will.
I might, if I cared (me: why don`t you just go jump off a cliff.?)
6. Yea, so peace out. Love yall.
Luv you too

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Created on:5/28/2010 7:09:24 PM
Made by:msaskmenot

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