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What Kind of Yaoi Are You?
want to find out? (e)

1. You`re at an amusement park and you see two guys kissing in the tunnel of love. Your reaction?
Awww that`s so sweet X3
Good thing it`s dark XD now to get my camera and wait for the good stuff...
Ewww, gay freaks.
Does that inculde shounen-ai?
I think I`ll take a look
...What is this"yaoi" of which you speak?
3. Role play time! (if ur a girl pretend ur a guy, if ur a guy, then good) A girl comes up to you and asks you out. You say...
Sorry, I`m gay -walks away-
EEK!! FEMALE!!! Sorry girly, this guy only sleeps with hot dudes X3
...Sure...-only goes to cover up gayness-
4. You`re friend just found your stash of yaoi anime in your room. What do you do?!
My friend and I both like it XP
NOOOOO!!!!! STAY AWAY!!!! MIIINNNEEE!!!! Don`t tell my parents pleeeaaassseeee!!!!!
Why the hell would I have that stuff?!
...Ok, I still haveno idea what you`re talking about.
5. Your room-mate (who is a guy) brought home a cute/kawaii/hot guy. You think....
YYEEESSSS!!!! Now all I have to do is secretly set the video camera by his bed tonight....
So sweet ^_^ I`ll leave those two together tonight.
I`m going to leave this house tonight....
6. Your thoughts on ukes?
So cute X3
They are perfect for minipulation...
...A what?!
Hate them. (me: well they`re not too fond of you either)
7. -nods- Ok, and semes?
HOT!!! -drools-
They`re a little mean but they can be romantic too ^_^
What are semes?! T_T I`m so confused!!
They`re annoying. (me: so are you)
8. Ok, quiz is over. you like?(won`t affect outcome)
Love it X3
It was ok
I barely understood it...
Hated it. (me: go away)

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Created on:12/25/2007 8:53:13 PM
Made by:bloody0angel

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