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Are you a Yaoi fan?
mmmm yaoi -drool- (e)

1. What is yaoi?
It`s boy`s kissing X3
It`s guys doing -cencored-!! XD!!!!
EEEWWWW!!!! (me: u should go)
2. If you saw two guys kissing, what would you do/say?
pull out my camera XD
wait to see them walk to a private place them silently follow with my camera
think "aww cute X3"
YUCK!!! -turns head away-
3. Do you know what shounen-ai is?
Guy`s making out and loving each other X3
It`s guys kissing but that`s no fun -_-
Your alien word confuses me
you sicko!!
4. QUICK!!! Your mom just found your secret yaoi foulder on your computer!! (gasp!) what do you do?
Ummm....I can explain.....
...So is yaoi like pictures of something...?
Why the hell would I have that on my computer?!
5. Which ones would you rather watch?
Fish in the Trap, Sensitive Pornograph, Okane Ga Nai
Gravitation, Sukisho/Sukisyo, Loveless
I don`t really watch/read anime and manga (me: you will die in 30 days)
I`d rather watch my mother getting decapitated than watch yaoi (me:`re horrible!!)
6. Are you a pervert?
I AM LIKE JIRAIYA!!! (me: lol me too XD)
I don`t like perverts -_-
No no NO
7. Lastly, did you like this quiz X3? (won`t affect outcome)
Yeah! I loved it!
It was ok
BOO YOUR QUIZ!!! (me: you are just too nice)

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Created on:12/23/2007 7:37:43 PM
Made by:bloody0angel

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