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Which yami are you?
Which yami are you? Bakura? Yami? Melvin?

1. You are walking down an empty street when you see a rival of yours, what do you do?
Walk up to them and greet them as you would a friend
Walk up to them and greet them with a knife to the face
Avoid them seeing you, follow them and wait till nightfall to confront them
Avoid being spotted
2. You are at the mall and see something you want but can`t afford, would you
Scan the shop for impending threats such as security cameras, go in and steal the desired item
Go home and ask your hikari nicely for money
Break and entering, all opposition will be eliminated
3. You see your hikari being beaten up, what would you do?
Confront the one who hurt your hikari and give `em a Piece of your mind
Reach into your pocket, pull out a gun, shoot to kill.
Defend your hikari at all costs
Send them to the Shadow Realm
4. You have gotten into a fight, what do you do?
You dodge the punches whilst trying to calm him down
Fight to the death!
Transport you and your opponent to the Shadow Realm and continue the fight
Penalty Game
5. Which is your abridged quote?
It`s ok, they owed me money!
Could I get a hug?
Why so British!?

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