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What WWI plane should you fly?
self explanatory....

1. Do you find speed a high priority?
Yes! The faster the better!
There is more important aspects than speed.
2. Do you put maneuverability high on your list?
Yeah, Now I can do loops!
As long as it flys nice I`m good.
3. Do you want to be able climb quickly?
I will soar like a bird!
You can`t have the best of everything.
4. How big of an armament do you need?
Not enought to slow me down. I probably won`t hit anything anyways.
The more the merrier! Bullets to all!
5. Do you want to be able to easily handle it at first?
Who cares, I`ll get the hang of it eventually
Please, I want to get airborne as quickly as possible,

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