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W r o Kart  M       quot ready    set     Race    quot  quiz.   gt  the heat is on Tension builds as friends and foes await their first match on the track It s eny one s game as of now but within an instant  it could change dramaticly  It s time to enter  the excitement of Mario Kart     only take if you got Daisy or King Boo Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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W@r!o Kart M!! : "ready?...set?... Race!!!"
$> the heat is on!Tension builds as friends and foes await their first match on the track.It's eny one's game as of now but within an instant, it could change dramaticly. It's time to enter, the excitement of Mario Kart!!! (only take if you got Daisy or King Boo)

1. Winds blew softly the moarn of the grand re-opening of Mario Kart sence it closed abit after 64.... and then DS... You finnished dressing and packing for the move into your dorms along with three others who you will be assigned to.
I wonder who they are?!? Who gets to choose?!?
hmm.... ok!
uh, is there supposed to be like a question in there?!? Or what?!?
2. Merlin: All competitors to the front desk for sign in please OR GET FLOGGED!!!! Shortly after,dorm mates will be announced!!!Make shure you take a good look at your scheduals and maps posted on GillBoard,PhillBoard,and BillBoard OR GET FLOGGED!!!!!
o-o Comeing right away sir!!!
*chukles evily* Was that a threat?!? *stabs him*
3. You waved good by to your (1.)___ then dash to the front desk. "Is (2.)_____ here?!?" you cheered when your name was called."Yes!!!" "Good,you will be (3.)______"
1.boos 2.King Boo 3. dorming with Princess Rosalina, Baby Luigi and Baby Mario!!!
1.sasafraces 2.Princess Daisy 3. the head of set up and clean up for the tracks!!!
1.mommy 2.cytoplasm 3. my name is Nular
4. Merlin then continued, "Wario?!?" "Ha-ha-ha...."evoryone stared at him awkwardly. "You will be dorming with your brother,Baby Peach and Birdo!!! Then there`s Yoshie,Peach,Bowser and Koopa troopa!!!
5. "Toadette, if here you were paired with Mario,DonkyKong, and DryBones!!! And lastly, Luigi,DiddyKong, and Baby Daisy!!! As for Daisy, I have a private area for you!!!
^-^ .... ^-^
6. After you introduced yourself to your ___ , you ___ over to ___
boss / walked / Gillboard- (map to find certain reastorants)
dormates / floated / PhillBoard- (map for locateing dormrooms)
subjects / were carried / my thrown!!!! *evily laughs*
7. Then ____
GillBoard- (map to find certain restorants)
PhillBoard- (map for locateing dormrooms)
BillBoard- (Grnad Prix,Time trials, and /VS,/ scheduals)
8. and after that _____ then it was off to the track to ready your car/bike for the opening race!!!
GillBoard- ( map to find certain reastorants)
PhillBoard- (map for locateing dormrooms)
BillBoard- (Grand Prix, time trials, and /VS./ scheduals)
9. Me: ... but you`ll have to tune in to the next part of this episode to find out who wins... *winks* see yu next time!!!
Bah-bye!!!! *waves*
Later Shay!!!
peace out sucker!!! King/Queen of the world is out , PEACE!!! *dramatic exit*

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