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What WOT character are you?
What character from the Wheel of Time series are you?

1. What would you like to do?
Command others
Heal others
Be in the wilderness
Rule a Country
Discover new things
2. How would you fight a battle?
Let others fight and heal the wounded
Swing your sword! (or other weapon)
Destroy with magic
Stay away and command if unavoidable
A top your horse with your trusty weapon
3. Realationship?
Can`t decide between multiple coiches
I know who I love
I am destined to marry someone
They are far away but love is strong
4. What would kind of hero would you rather be?
Be a Great hero destined to be a savior
Get stuck with a position of Power
Lead because it is for a good cause
I worked my way to the top
5. What weapon would you use?
Battle Axe
Command armies
The animals
Use anything handy

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Created on:9/21/2008 7:26:26 PM
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