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Are you worthy enough to use the death note?
The Death Note...........Can you use it?

1. Are you....
I`m roitodjdhjdjd,and yes it`s a word...where i am
2. Do you prefer to....
keep quiet
be normal...Hi..I`m normal
3. If you could use the Death Note right now...who would you kill first?
Myself.....WOOT WOOT!!! SUICIDE!!!
the ABC`s....if it was even possible
Anyone who are enemies of me
Anyone who stands in my way
The person next to you
I don`t know....make up a random name and face...and hope it`s a real person
4. Where would you use the Death Note?
The train station
At school
In front of the police
In your room
5. How would you react if the police suspected you were Kira?
keep your cool....although you`re awfully sweaty
Accept the eye trade and kill everyone!!
Ask to be put in jail so you can prove to them you arn`t kira
6. If a person found out that you were kira....and had would....
commit suicide
Tell the police that the person edited the picture...hopefully they would believe you
7. are you good at lying?
No....uh huh
no i`m not...ok I was lying there
Yes.....yes i am
awwww...come on...a `do you lie question!`....that`s not fair...i`m honest!!!
8. Your best friend found out that you were kira....what do you do?
tell them that you would let them use the death note if they don`t turn you in
you hurry up and kill them
threaten them
9. what would you use to write in the death note?
a pen...duh
a NORMAL pencil...
a mechanical pencil...because they`re popular
a marker
a marker-like-pen.....if there is one
10. Ahhhh...the last question....ok...You are pinned down by the police...they are positive that you ARE kira...what do you do??
Make up a LONG speech about how you will use the Death Note...and hope that they will believe you
start crying like the wuss you mean..that you would be
tell them if they shot you..that you would kill them..but make it a painful death
let them kill you...but before they tell them that you would haunt them forever and ever
jump off the cliff behind you.....when did you mention a cliff...oh well...CANNONBALL!!!

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Created on:4/24/2008 3:48:28 PM
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