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World of Warcraft  Horde or Alliance  quiz. Are you better suited for the noble  bleccchh  Alliance  scum  or the awesome  sinister  and evil Horde Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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World of Warcraft: Horde or Alliance?
Are you better suited for the noble (bleccchh) Alliance (scum) or the awesome, sinister, and evil Horde?

1. Okay, this is my first quiz. Go easy on me. You see a villiage burning to the ground. You walk over to see it`s your faction doing it. You...
Join in the burning!!! Kill em all!!!
Talk with the crusaders burning the villiage, and try to better solve your king`s problems with talk
Save the children and elderly and women
Kill the crusaders burning the village
Chuck Norris time
2. You see a member of the opposite faction doing the same quest you are. You...
Emote /rasp and hope he doesn`t come gank me
Gank the mother!!!
Emote /kneel and /salute and maybe /cower
If he doesn`t see you, sneak up behind him and get a head start crit on ganking his self!
Be nice and emote /wave, and if he attacks you, you attack back, it`s only right.
3. Favorite race?
Gnome *me: ewww your lame
Night Elf
Undead *me: woot i love you
Blood Elf
Haven`t played WoW.
4. Last few questions: What do you expect to get?
Chuck Norris me:-_- sure, you noob. He totally is a faction.
5. Did you enjoy the quiz? does not affect outcome
Chuck Norris *me: your just so funny aren`t you?
6. Final question: What faction do you play mostly already?
I don`t play WoW *me: what are you living under a rock?
Chuck Norris *me: alright thats it your a jerk

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Times Taken:6,990
Created on:2/8/2010 11:43:00 AM
Made by:daveklok

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