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What word describes you Best?
Which word? Tell me if it needs work...

1. What group of colors would be your favorite?
Calm colors (Blue, Purple, Pink)
Warm Colors (Reds and Oranges)
Earth Tones (Greens, Browns)
Cool Colors (Blue, White, Purple)
Whites, and Blacks
Gray, Blue.
2. How many Friends do you have?
1-5 only my really close friends.
6-10 I don`t like too much of a crowd.
11-15 Just my BFF`s
16-20 People love my Personality
0-1 it`s just myself, I`m my own Best Friend
21 and Beyond Everyone is my friend
3. You just missed a call, You listen to your voice mail, and find out that is was a prank call. You?
Don`t worry about it, it could have been a wrong number.
Call them back and if they don`t answer leave a message on THEIR voicemail, just like they left 4 u.
Politely call them back and ask them why they left a message like that.
Forget about it.
I never miss a call what are you talking about.
Dont call them back just text instead, you aren`t good talking to people.
4. What kind of music do you listen to?
Heavy Metal
I`m not into music. (Odd!)
5. If you could live anywhere else in the world where would you live?
I wouldn`t move I love it right where I am now!
Somewhere exicting... Paris, or maybe Tokyo!
South America! Brazil, or Peru.
U.S.A. or Canada (if you don`t already live in the u.s.)
Anywhere, just not where I am right now...
Some remote Island, where I am the only one on it!
6. Did you like this quiz. (Doesn`t affect outcome)
I am so tired of people asking that Question!
7. Where would you go on vacation?
Somewhere peaceful
Somewhere exiting
Somewhere encouraging
Somewhere Beautiful
Somewhere where I can be alone

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Created on:8/3/2008 11:54:09 AM
Made by:pickleswiss

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