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Wolf war battle  quiz. Be a wolf  Fight for your side  Use good techniques  Will you see the end  or will the last thing you see is your own blood  It s all about how you use your strategies Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Wolf war/battle.
Be a wolf. Fight for your side. Use good techniques. Will you see the end, or will the last thing you see is your own blood? It's all about how you use your strategies.

1. What is your MAIN fur color?(this doesn`t effect)
2. You`re alpha of *your packs name*. You and your wolves knew this day would come, the day you will battle with *the enemies` pack name*. You lead them to the hunting ground as you saw the enemy.
-runs for the enemy ready to battle-
-patiently wait for the enemy to come- I don`t want to brake my opportunities.
Come on *name of enemy pack*! Fight us!
3. *Name of enemies` alpha* makes an evil grin at you. "Heheh, ready to meet your grave *your name*?"
-looks at him/her- Don`t speak too soon.
-growl- You sure? Cause I see your grave in todays future!
-keeps running-
4. You tell your pack to attack and so does the enemy. You see blood flying everywere. Behind all the gore, you see *alpha of the enemies` name*.
I`m not afraid of you! -growls-
-snarls- You won`t live, you just won`t!
-stops running- Prepare to meet your doom!
5. He/She looks at you. We will battle in three... two... He/She jumps at you showing his/her sharp teeth...
-go for the neck and bite hard-
-bite hard into his/her back-
-rip off the enemy`s ear-
6. You land behind the enemy. He/She laughs, "Haha! Is that all you can do?! Pathetic!"
-growl and grab the neck again and not let go and whispers- Die!
-swiftly grab his/her body and plunge it to the ground-
-rip off other ear- Now you can`t hear fool! (enemy; What`d you say bastard?!)
7. He/She growls at you and bites your muzzle, and it begins to bleed horridly.
You bastard! I won`t let you win! -throws into the air-
Aw! Little wolfy crying over his/ears! -bites tail-
Damn you! -bites open their back-
8. A horrid storm emerges from the darkness onto the battleground. Thunder, lightning, and rain, it makes your war seem mor dramatic. *Name of alpha of the enemies* digs his/her claws into your chest right were your heart is, and you watch blood gush...
-bite as hard as I can into the paw that is injuring me and throws the enemy off of me and growls-
-slips away from the killer claws as is leaves a long scar from my escape-
-bites into leg and brokes leg bone- Get off of me!
9. As he/she pluges on the mud of the rain, he/she says, "This war is not over!" you notice many dead wolves around you and only a few still battling...
Nearly over, at least, for you. -jumps into the air and bites into the neck once more-
I know. -grabs tail and throws him/her into the air and jump at them, holding him/her down-
Really? -jumps on him/her-
10. *Name of enemies` alpha* throws you off his/her and bites your neck. "It`s over!" he/she says in a victorious voice and throws you as you hit a boulder to your back.
-says in weak and wise voice- Maybe for you, it is.
-says in weak and wise voice- No, not for me.
-stays quiet-

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