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Which wolf from my wolf pack r u?
yup..i made a wolf pack finally!! ive been wantin 2 do it...

1. r u a boy or a girl?
2. wats ur fav color?
neon green
3. wats 1 word tat describes u? *da pic reminded me of how in Avatar they had the Navi`s Tree of Life well it kinda reminded me of tat wit da lil blue person leave a comment and tell me wat u think!!*
4. wats ur fav food?
well...idk....mayb nuggetz.....or nutz!!
meh.......i dont hav a fav!!
5. random question tyme!! *i meant 2 spell it tat way ok?!* or known as RQT- I`m eatin yogurt, would lik sum? *its strawberry yogurt!! =3*
i would b delightd
nah...i just ate (ME:) *ok i understand.....mayb u would lik sum now?* u-no! me- da hell wit u!!!!!
yes.....mayb.....i guess
i would b happy to hav sum...i luv <3 strawberries!! X3
NO!!! I HATE STRAWBERRIES AND U!!!! (ME:) *well poo on u!!!!*
6. RQT- do u think suigetsu is cute? *pic is of suigetsu and hes a boy*
im a guy, and im not gay
eeehhhh....not tat much..hes kinda creepy lookin
im straight, not gay so i cant answered tat
hes cuteish i guess....
im not bi or gay.....im as straight as a line!!! or pencil.....wateva
yes yes hes adorable!!!!! <3 <3 <3
7. RQT- *dis is da last random question tyme 4 dis quiz but therell b mor on othaz!! =D* do u lik bleach? (the anime not da stuff tat whitens ur clothes and f***s dem up sumtimez!*
havnt heard of it or seen it...srry
its an ok show.....i prefer Naruto Shippuden tho
yea i guess...if u lik TAT kind of stuff (ME:) *wat kind of `stuff` its a normal show!!!!!*
it sucks!! I HATE IT!!!!! (ME:) * HOW?! its awesum but i hav 2 admit it doesnt beat naruto shippuden
8. OK......due 2 technical difficulties.......i have to shut down your computer and blow it up. i suggest you stand back. *BOOM!!!*
oh my!!!! why did you do that!!!???!!
wtf is wrong wit u?!
it didnt happen so get ova urself!! (ME:) * god!! i was only jokin around! cant i hav a lil fun?!*
ur so deliteful!!! hehe!! :3
u suck!!! (ME:) * go 2 hell u B***H!!!!* u-im already there!!!!
yay!! pretty explosion!!!
9. ok ok......im bord now wat do u want 2 do?
me 2...........
u should end dis quiz so i can c my results!!!
hmmm....mayb u should play a game.......
u should end dis suckish quiz!!!! (ME:) *ur mean!! go away!!* u- id b happy 2!!!!
idk......JUST DONT END DIS AWESUM QUIZ!!!!!!! hahahahaha!!! XD
10. ok ran outta questions so.....comment and rate? *i rlly want 2 hear sum comments on da tree pic on question 3 and i want sum rates 2 plz!! =3 oh! and random pic of nagato from naruto shippuden!!!!*
ok then random pic..........rate
comment i guess
srry not amember =[
neither!!!!! dis quiz suckd and im not commentin on da stupid tree!!!!!!!
BOTH!!!! =:3
*dont pic dis its not an option!!!!* message 4 option 5 from me- no!! U SUCK!!!! AND I DONT CARE!!
11. srry dis is actually da last question....well its not rlly a question i just wantd to type sumthin again so jbjhjfvjfbvjhghrfbgvhfbvhfbvhyt and anotha random pic but of a hobo!!!!! hahahahahaha!! XD ENJOI!!!! aww poor hobo. *read da sign hes holdin!*
wow ur just random (ME:) *im not random, i just think quicker than everybody else i told u guyz tat*
ok.....hoboz r weirdoz!!!
gaya** hobo and his ninja stolen family!!!
aaawwww poor hobo!!! *hands all money in pockets to hobo* now go get ur stolen family!!!
for option 4- ur stupid cuz dont u kno tat hoboz dont hav familiez, they were made by the hobo devil
ive heard tat if u look at a hobo on a subway in newyork tat they wont leave u alone til u giv dem $

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Created on:2/10/2010 9:40:59 PM
Made by:SilentTounge

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