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what type of wizard are you?
i cant think of a description the title kinda explans it

1. you get a letter saying you could go to a wizards school what do you do
laugh, this must be a joke!
sigh thank god you dont have to go back to your old school i dont have the greatest reputaion
awww... thats nice of them
yayy! i can learn spells just like harry potter!
2. so you end up going there and after awhile the teachers start to think that you are
very smart and good at magic
the classclown
weird and darkish
caring towards the mutated animals
3. time to learn how to ride a broom stick what happens to you on your first time
you fly up perfectly but on your way down you kinda fall off hehe
you fly up so high that the teacher had to go get you and make you go down
you fly up so perfectly that everyone was in awe
4. you and your friends are doing some spells next thing you know you are in a very dark room what are you thinking
those jerks they sent me to a differnt relm
i get out of here in a minute
laugh because you and your friend messed up the spell
5. then you see a light what color is it
6. you take out your wand what does it look like?
clear with feathers on it and sparkles
black with dragon scales
wood with a rose growing off of it
plain blue
7. you hear someone saying a death spell what do you do
freak out and say a random shield spell
kill him first muahaha
laugh and do a shield spell
8. finally your professer shows up and asks you will you rate and comment plz
9. you get back and your professer tells you that you are a
a what!
what the heck what am i!!!!

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Created on:12/24/2008 9:49:07 AM
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