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Witch South Park Character are you
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1. If you saw a Zebra would you keep it as a pet?
No it`s wild I must release it in to the wild
Eh I sell it for money on ebay
Hecks to the ya I`ll keep it
I`ll be grounded if my dad finds out
Eh sure but if we build a house for it
2. What`s your favorite color
Any color really
3. What kind of food do you like?
Chinese food
KFC or chicken related
Mexican food
All food is good
4. Pick a random answer? (Ik it`s not a question
I told you this
Welp time to go play some games
Final flight under
Mama I need help
Belly of a muskrat
5. This is short buty battery is low rate and comment?
No no thanks
Yes...I mean no

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Created on:8/31/2018 4:31:19 AM
Made by:ShslAngel

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