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Witch rare InuYasha character are you?
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1. How would you love your son if you had one?
by killing his odopted daughter and sending him to hell to save her if he wanted to
sacerficing yourself in a fight as your husband/wife ran of with his/her newborn
being the only one that cares when you are being rejected
you don`t have/want any children
2. How did/will you die?
Fighting for your husband`s/wife`s and your new sons life
of old age
you don`t plain on dieing
3. What would you choose over any things out of these?
Good looks
Protection of your family (ies)
love of your husband/wife
4. would you use a wepon?

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Created on:11/8/2008 6:05:38 PM
Made by:7sango

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