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Which Witch... Are You?
Which famous witch are you?

1. What do you hate the most?
babies crying
things interfering with your plans
that you aren`t prettier
people who hurt your family
not knowing what to do
2. What do you like to do?
organize witch gatherings
create potions
turn people into animals
seek revenge on those who hurt you
make boyfriends
3. Which description most looks like you?
Tall and skinny with black hair
Average height, curvy, brown or red hair
Thin and blonde
Boney and black haired, with olive skin
Blonde and curvy
4. Your friends often call you
light hearted
5. Describe your friends
No friends, tons of acquaintances
A few very close friends
No friends :( but a pet or two
a great boyfriend and best friend
your friends are mostly family
6. You`d use your powers to
turn children into mice
fight evil and save innocents
cause havok
seek revenge
for personal use
7. What`s your cackle (laugh) like?
low and deep
just like a normal laugh
it`s the cakliest of cakles
a girly hah hah
8. What`s your witchy outfit like?
it`s classy and purple
i just wear normal clothes
i dress for the occasion in unwitchy costumes
i`ve got the rags, the hat, everything
a scraggly black dress and striped tights
9. What do you think of the hat and broom?
i only do it when no one`s looking
it`s not what a REAL witch wears
they`re staple items
i prefer a vacuum, but the hats fun, sometimes
10. And what about Halloween?
couldn`t care less
it`s a fun holiday
it`s the most important day each year
it`s fun to dress up, that`s bout it
11. Lastly, do you prefer potions, or spells?
my finger
12. If you were Samantha (from Bewitched), would you hide your witchery, or have it out in the open?
i`d hide it to kinds unlike me
i have to hide it, or it messes up the world
i can witch it up wherever i want!!
everyone knows i`m a witch, so it`s okay
i try not to let it show, but if i do, i just whip up a memory erasing spell

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