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Which winx club girl are you?
Find out which winx fairy you are!

1. Where do you like to hang out after school?
In a garden of course! I love the aroma of flowers!
Of course, a mall! I need a coutre dress to go with my designer jacket!
Home doing homework! Let`s get an A+!
Dancing to my fave beat in my room!
I`m happy doing anything as long as it`s not cruel!
2. Do you have a boyfriend?
Of course! I`ve had like 8!
There is this one boy.......
My boyfriend left me for a mean girl....
I couldn`t care less about boys I prefer doing my work.
3. Your fave colour is.......
Soft rosy and mossy colours.
Yellow! I live in the sun girll!
Red, orange and blue scream me me me!
Purple, black something not too girly defineteley not pink "shudders"
Anything that glows well in the dark!
4. What food do you like most?
Sunny sundaes and popsicle sticks!
Spicy foods like chilli sauce and wedges!
Hm...I like jam toast I guess....
Don`t bother me with this now! "Mumbles mathematics gibberish"
5. Your secret talent is....
I`m a good gardener....
I`m a fashionesta! Do you have a problem with that?
I like to kick butt!
I am a good musical player and singer!
A computer wiz!
6. Pick one of the following:

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Created on:4/13/2009 1:45:54 AM
Made by:Glitter121

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