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what kind of wings do you have
description: its a quiz

1. okay why did you take this quiz
i was bored
they made me
i wanted to know what color wings i have dur
im alone
i felt like it
2. so youre walking outside... what kind of weather is it
bright, sunny, not a cloud in the sky
sunny but with a few clouds
dark,rainy,and im all alone
right after a hard rain with a rainbow in sight
what weather
cloudy but warm
perfect weather:sunny,breezy,warm,and beautiful blue sky
3. where is it
the beach
a dark forest
a field of wildflowers
a mountain side
a skate park
by a river with water spraying a a rain bow in sight
4. you see a something in the distance. its ....
a halo
a black feather
a hula hoop
a pencil
a tree
a rainbow
a cloak
5. whatever it is it says...
dont worry,the pain is almost over
the clouds are safe haven
go ahead, be crazy, take risks
dont worry be calm stay happy dont be mad
you wont have to fret for long justice is coming for those who need it
heeheeheehee come play with me in the colors -laughs cutely-
youre in pain you shouldnt be. whats done is done
6. it says "follow me" do you
7. you follow it anyway and it doesnt move but gives you a map. the map looks like it will take you to ...
a city
into the clouds
to the end of the rainbow
middle of nowhere
8. you follow the map and it takes you to the middle of nowhere where you see an open door. what is on the other side of the door?
the other side of the middle of nowhere duh
a cloud palace
a ball pit
a black room with red splattered on the walls
a rainbow
9. you walk through the door and you see a bookshelf of random items. there is a note that says...
take one. choose wisely. youll need it
take one. choose wisely. youll need it
10. you choose the...
black feather
white feather
red feather
blue feather
yellow feather
rainbow feather
clear glass feather
11. you then see a table appear and another map is on it.
12. the map takes you to a empty room. who or what is waiting for you?
a raven
a dove
a red tailed hawk
a blue-jay
a canary
a woman in a rainbow colored cloak
a glass box
13. it asks for your feather. you give it the feather and it hands you a cloak. you put it on and it tells you after two minutes to take it off- hold it are you ready for you results?
14. ok ok ok so then the you take it off and you look behind you and say `oh wow`

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Times Taken:9,699
Created on:6/6/2012 8:23:29 PM
Made by:esarosa11

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