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What kind of wings do you have?
What kind of wings do you have?

1. Your riding on a train to the island of Samoa when all of a sudden_______
It takes off into the sky o_o
I dont care... I already know i`m going to get the "Emo" result or something like that.
Your best friend walks into your room, what a pleasent surprise :3
They call you for dinner! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM
You cant really ride a train to Samoa unless your an idiot like whoever picked option 1....
2. Well it turns out it tipped over because the Greek god Zeus threw lightning at it. What is your first thought?
I gotta save everyone!
I gotta save everyone Cuz i`m epic and I got a huge dong and infinite girlfriends/boyfriends!
It`s okay! Superman will come and save us all!
This is what happens when you drink and drive -_-... Call 911!
Well thats too bad... Now I need to find another place to sleep...
*Sigh*...I new something bad was going to happen....I should just jump in all the fire and die...
MWAHAHAHAHA! WOUNDERFULL!! YOU ALL MUST PERISH!!!! *Flames from hell rise around you*
3. You find your best friend is lying on the ground injured and an ambulence is about to run him over! What do you do?
Hehe...No worrys their just ambulences, when they run him over they can just fix him again!...Right?
Think to your self "What would Bob Saget do"
Shoot the tires
Shoot the driver
Shoot your friend and say *Whoops*
I dont have any friends....
Try your hardest to get your friend out of the way.
I dont care care about him. He was too hyper for me...*Snore*
4. Your friend dosen`t die,but Samoan soldiers show up and call you terrorists and are about to attack! What do you do?
You know how to speak Samoan so you explain to the soldiers what happened.
Their going to kill me? About time something good happened...
You destroy them brutaly.
You pray that they will have mercy on your souulllll.
Tell your injured friend to take care of it.
Prepare to defend you and yourself with all your might.
5. Last question... The soldiers left because it was their lunch break, they said they were going to be back after 30 minutes. You cant call 911 because the Samoan police would come, and everyone on the island is after you, what do you do now?
Think of a escape plan to get back to (Insert country here)
Follow the soldiers and hope they will kill you.
Follow them, it might lead to more people to kill >:3
Think happy thoughts and let the smart guy do all the work.
*Sob* My new friends left me for lunch! They could have at least invited me D: NO ONE LEAVES ZIGBUR!
Fall asleep in a tree.
Give the survivors of the crash medical attention.
6. Your leader had an epic plan and you escaped via parts of the train.
*Start crying because you miss your new friends)

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