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will u survive in my world??

1. ok so ure walkin down a street when all of sudden, u see two ghouls come out and start running towards u. U...
run for ure life, screaming in terror
try to hide but the ghouls find you, scream for ure life.....
run but then stop and face the ghouls, givin them the evils hopin to scare them away
stand ure ground and let the ghouls come up to u
2. so the ghouls run of randomly with a look of total and utter horrification. u look around searching for the thing that scared the ghouls off. u see a figure standing in the fog that suddenly appeared outta nowere. it looks like :
its a pretty pony who u try to befriend with (me:eek u tard face D=)
its a giant lion
its a ghostly figure, im not surre what exactly..
its satan :D
3. all ofa sudden, the figure starts walking/hovering towards tou. he sees somethin but u arent sure what he sed exactly, you say to him :
excuse me kind......man? umm cud u repeat tht??
sorry? what was tht?
uhhh what??
huh?? ugh wat eva (walks away)
4. i no it was short but hey watta u expect??? lol!!! rate and comment if u want aye XD (ffects outcome :D )
ill rate and comment
ill rate
ill comment
hehe ill do neitha

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Created on:7/6/2008 9:26:43 AM
Made by:syn_is_sxc

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