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Will u be rich wen u grow up?
well, will u?

1. A kid asks u to smoke with him after school. Now, u hav never smoked before nd heard plenty of bad things about it. Wat do u do?
Say no and run away
say yes and meet him after school and smoke more than he did
meet him after school but doesn`t smoke
2. A old man asks u to invest in his new incorperation before it opens. he says it will be a great hit and u will rich! wat do u say?
Say yes and gives ur life saving to him
gives him some money
give him a penny
3. THe old man then runs away and says " haha i tricked u". He just stole u money, but u remeber the idea he had. Wat d do w/ this knawledge?
awcually creat wat he was talking bout
forget all bout and walk away pissed off
Runafter the man but sunddenly realize that te man has gone from ur site
4. U want a car so u...
decide to ride a bike for now
get a low class job and start saving for it
sell alot of stuff on ebay
5. U find a gold ring. Wat do u do w/ it?
Sell it for alot of money
give it to da police
keep it. its very bling blingage
6. Ur gf/bf (if u don`t have one then pretend that u did hav one) say he/she wants to get married right now. But ur younge and still in school, but also u don`t want t make he/she unhappy and breakup w/ u. Wat do u do?
U think ur to younge to get married and take chances w/ he/she breaking up w/ u
Say no but tell her right wen get out of highschool.
Say yes, and ur off to get the ring
7. last question- R u rich right now?
kind of
Yeah baby!
no *sigh*

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Created on:7/22/2008 7:26:50 PM
Made by:ocean93

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