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Will you survive World War III?
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1. your parents made you join the army
get me the heck outta here!!!
made me? Psh, i joined on my own free will
who am i?
2. you`re out numbered 7 to one, what do you do?
surrender you idiot!
shoot like he*l!!
run away!!!
hope there is an airstrike coming and fight like normal
3. you see a bomb coming down out of the sky. What do you do?
look at the bomb and wonder how it got there.
hope it won`t hit you and keep shooting
surrender (you idiot! you can`t surrender to a bomb!)
Run like he*l!!!
4. you won the first battle what do you do?
party! chug that beer!
plan your next attack
run (without backup) into enimy territory for a suprise attack
hope no-one sees you sneek into a plane and leave
5. a rabbit comes up to your base. What do you do?
pet it.
pretend to be a relative of the bunny, and use it to hide behind while you escape.
shoot the crap outta it!
pee on it
6. choose your favorite weapon.
a tank
a nuclear bomb
something to hide behind
a machine gun
a knife
a white flag
7. This is the last battle. What is your preferred stratagy.
distact them with five soldiers, and chagre their rear with heavy altiry.
confuse them by leaving the battle feild and never coming back.
Nuke `em!
get all your troops in planes and kamakizee them!!
8. did you like this quiz?
did i win the war?

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Created on:4/29/2007 1:19:38 PM
Made by:tuz1789

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