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Will you survive high school?
Well... will you?

1. Who do you hang out with?
Popular Crowd
Bad boys/girls
Your Best friends
2. Clothes?
Clothes? Oh... i dont wear much of them!
High pants with shirt tucked in. Sometimes suspenders.
Jeans and a tshirt
Clothes of sport team
3. Grades
Straigh A`s
Couple of A`s, Some B`s.
B`s and C`s
Mostly C`s except PE
D`s and E`s
4. Someone is bitching about your friend - what do you do
Tell him/her straight away and encourage an all-out war
Talk to the bitcher first before the victim
Tell your friend but don`t encourage a fight
Bash them up
Don`t tell your friend - what they don`t know won`t hurt `em
Join in with the bitcher
5. Your failing a subject - what do you do?
Don`t care
Get tutoring!
Fail a subject... Im a straight A student
6. The person you have a crush on asks you out - what do you do?
Say yes and go on a date
Say no and run away
Tell them you need to check if your free - fake do this and decline
Say yes - run away
Have a private meeting with your BFF`s
Go on the date and get to 2nd base
7. A person you DONT like asks you out - what do you do?
Say yes anyway.... then after the date, don`t go again
Humiliate them in front of everyone
Tell them no and walk off
say that your busy
8. You are under-age and offered alcohol at a party. What do you do?
Take it and chug it
Drink some and throw up
Decline politely
Run away and tell the police
have a teeny-tiny bit and give it back
fake-drink it
9. Which name is closest to your nickname?
your initials (MY)
They first bit of your name (eg. for emma, it would be "em")
Something that reflects your personality (eg. Scar)
Another, random name that sound cooler than your own (eg. Sarah is called Scarlett)
Your first and last name put together (eg. Steven Assaff, Sassaff)
Your last name.

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