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Will you survive an Alien Invasion  quiz. Part two of my  quot End of the World quot  sega Enjoy If you DARE Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Will you survive an Alien Invasion?
Part two of my "End of the World" sega.Enjoy.If you DARE!

1. You and your cat Tabby are asleep when your younger brother Lee wakes you up screaming about aliens on the roof.
Shut up and go to bed!
Get up and check it out.
Hide with supplies.
Ignore and go to sleep.
2. Suddenly a bright light fills your room.A huge alien is standing in your door way holding a banana.
NOT THE BANANA!*Punch him in face and take the banana*
Throw pillow and go to sleep
Pick up a chair and hit them with it
3. You grab Lee and Tabby and jump out the window.You land in a shrub and you head for the car.But an Alien is standing on the hood you reach into your pocket and pull out-
A pocket knife
a dart gun
A flaming sword
A Laser Cannon
4. The alien falls off and you get in and drive.You see the whole city is in panic.You stop for the night in-
A Port-a-Potty
Fred Myers
A garbage can where some ho-bo`s are sleeping
5. The next morning you wake up in a cage with a WHOLE lot of other people.You see a small bottle with some juice in it.You feed it to Tabby and she grows HUGE.She eats the aliens and you`r free.
Ya!Now lets go find some lunch!
Where the heck is my car!!!
Lets get driving.
6. You find a Civilization and they offer you to live with them.
H**l ya!
Why should I?Kicks a random guy in his nards.
No thanks.

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Created on:5/23/2010 4:49:41 PM
Made by:westborn12

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